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Dev Team

Robinson Aguilera (artist)

File 93c3748c25011e1b5326fabfd465cbc2.jpg
Robinson Aguilera is an Animator for Bain's Redemption. He has been passionate about the arts and animation his entire life. He spent hours and hours with his mother at her job as a cashier in Chile and she would let him draw on receipt paper when he was a toddler. Eventually, that evolved into drawing in sketch books and always trying to replicate what he saw. When he was three, he moved to Canada and had the privilege of following his dream ever since. His hobbies include video games (of course!), basketball, and watching knock out videos on Youtube (everyone in the animation industry says reference is key so why not?) He's attended many different art colleges and has learned vast amounts of knowledge at all of them. However the college which he learned the most from was IAnimate school of animation online. His abilities as an animator sky rocketed when he took one of their workshops. Lastly,Bain's Redemption was an opportunity of a lifetime and he has not stopped having fun since he was first chosen to work on this game.


Aaron Bautista (artist)

File 760215849a2ee7aeb73543a6c2e262a8.jpg
Aaron has been part of the MEH team pretty much since it's inception. He has been working in the entertainment field for over 9 years, and has worked in the film/television industry a little over 7 years. As a Pasadena Art Center Alum he had the opportunity to learn and glean techniques and processes from the most talented artist in the industry. His art experience covers a broad range from story boarding, Illustration, concept artist, graphic design, classic animation, to 3-D modeling\animation. His passion for gaming is only matched by his passion for his family, but most importantly... he likes turtles.


Robert Beal (producer)

Blurb about Bob.

Waseem Faraz Butt (sound engineer)

File 3c7a5123c5a629b17938facbfabf7fcc.jpg
Waseem started out in PC Game Mods, making waves in the Sins of a Solar Empire Modding community. The highlights of which led him to create the soundtrack for what can be argued as the biggest and most successful PC Game Modification representing the Halo Franchise: Sins of the Prophets.

At this time, he also began working with Indie Developer teams, with his first foray into android app gaming: Pop the Bubble reaching over 11k downloads in the first two months of its launch.
He was educated first at Manchester Midi School achieving a distinction in Music Production before completing a B.Sc. (honers) Sound Engineering & Design delivered at the School of Sound Recording Manchester.

A career in game audio is his goal and making sound is his passion.

LinkedIn -
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Guillaume Cloutier (artist)

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Guillaume is a Freelance Level Designer with a touch of OCD. In his spare time he searches for a way to travel through time, but until there's new development he's working on Bain's Redemption


Nic Cresswell (artist)

Blurb about Nic.

Haydn Gawer (musician)

File d17c33e1c124731b27f4d5a74ce0ad9d.jpg
Haydn is a Freelance Composer for Film,Games and TV with a touch of OCD. In his spare time, he searches for a way to travel through time through photography , but until there's new development, he's working on Bain's Redemption.

Alex McCumbers (writer)

Coming from the mountains of West Virginia is a gamer with a steadfast goal of being in the industry. Alex leveled up after graduating with a BA in English and joined M.E.H. with pride. He spends his days writing stories of all kinds of genres, searching for interesting characters and settings. His favorite game is Legend of Dragoon on PS1, but his favorite console is the Super Nintendo.


Juan Francisco Pappagallo (artist)

File b11520a444a167bec26c37b2232dbc35.png
Juan was personally involved in past game indie projects as an illustrator, graphic designer, story boarder, animator, but mainly as a concept artist. He's a student of Noah Bradley?s Art Camp. In his spare time plays soccer, draws, watches movies, and of course plays video games.



Mike Shafer (programmer)

File 6836a4f83d9f8d022f3e4def827c8970.jpg
Mike Shafer has been working on the MEH game engine for the past 7 years. He is the lead programmer on the project and also assembled the talented team that is working on Bain's Redemption. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH). His previous credits include Ratatouille for the XBOX 360 and Return Fire 3 for the PS2. He specializes in graphics, engine, AI, physics, animation, and banging his head against the wall. He enjoys basketball, calm walks, and card games.


Anush Tehrani (artist)

File e3a86a25d74e6ecdb60267beca1433c2.jpg
My name is Anush Tehrani and I'm originally from Iran. I am a 3D/CG Artist, and I'm still learning. I've won the third prize in the 'NPower Software' challenge and have won some other gallery awards on well known websites. Now as a freelancer, I'm working with many companies around the world on their 3d related projects. You can find out more about me by visiting

Brian Van Horn (artist)

File 97e58a45d4241f9d6f59e46f0b3d1cd6.jpg
Brian is a 3D Artist who has focused on the technical side on this project, having created several cinematic and gameplay rigs for characters. He's a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Applied Art and Science. As a senior project / independent study, he rigged and animated several characters for a graduate game design class. Since then he has moved to the Seattle region and has started the process of getting into the gaming industry. In his free time you'll usually find him working on a project in one of his modelling programs, or looking up new resources to make his life easier or is common in the industry. Game wise, he mostly plays sandbox or adventure games like Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, or Civilization.

Portfolio link :

Ahmed Yossre (programmer)

File a797b7bde6e5be8de818a9fc1ded9acf.jpg
A game developer that's holding a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science majored in Bioinformatics, but he does enjoy making games more. Ahmed's worked on four games, two of which were unfortunately suspended. He's even worked on a Virtual-Reality project.

Ahmed likes to go out, watch space, science, or ocean documentaries, and enjoys reading crime novels (Agatha Christie and others). Cooking is also one of his hobbies.

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Bain: MikeZ

Blurb about Mike here.


Blurb about Erica here.


Blurb about Clara here.

The Collector:Who?

Blurb about Who here.

Baton NPC:Who?

Blurb about Who here.

Sniper NPC:Who?

Blurb about Who here.

Sapper NPC:Who?

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