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At its core, Bain's Redemption is a beat em up game that harkens back to Double Dragon, Final Fight, and more of those quarter fueled classics. Giving Bain his main weapon, a katana, added another level of hack and slash action similar to Devil May Cry. Adding to this action is exploration, combat, puzzles, and stealth. However, the driving force of the game is its story and goals.

Bain sought revenge on ACiD, a violent gang in Madison City, for the murder of his family. Bain was forced to do anything for this secretive group, earning money to save his wife from a life-threatening disease by protecting drug traffickers, ignoring criminal activity, and even killing. However, on his last job, ACiD decided they wanted to keep Bain forever. To ensure he had no connections to anything but the gang, they attempted to burn down his home and pin their deaths as an accident.

However, Bain sensed trouble on his delivery and one of the members lets the plot slip. Bain returned to his home to find that his family had been killed before the fires started. As the smoke rolled, he was dragged out by the police and framed for the murder of his family. Bain was sentenced to a life in the Madison Insane Asylum. However, after many years, Bain decided to escape and bring justice to those who deserved it. He accepts that he is an animal and embraces the violence with open arms.

Players will hunt down each of the corrupt police officers and ACiD members, while trying to figure out how deep the corruption runs in Madison City.



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Bain is a broken man. Once a freelance assassin, he spent his young life killing. He left it all to marry his wife, Melissa. From there, he joined the local police force and spent many years putting the bad guys behind bars. As fate would have it, Melissa became ill and only an expensive surgery would give her the chance she needed. Bain did what any man would do, he found a faster way to make money by accepting an offer by his friend Hash to work with ACiD. Bain delivered to clients, never knowing what was in the boxes. A few other force members worked with Bain on these jobs. All was looking well, Bain needed one more job to have enough money. Of course, all that went up in flames when ACiD decided he was more useful to them and plotted to eliminate what was holding him back, his family.


Bain's wife was a sweet woman. Her love of reading was seconded only by her love of writing. Poetry came easy to the girl that saw beauty in everything. She loved spending time with her husband and her daughter.


Bain's daughter held a special place in his heart. Tiresome days at work were always made a little better with her smiling face and roughly drawn crayon pictures of the family. She was smart like her mom, a collector of books. Each book was a world to her and she was fascinated with the world they lived in whether it was the neighbor's cat or the other kids at the park. It's a shame that she was caught up in the war.


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Vixen joined Torque when she heard of their fondness for metal and the roar of an engine. Being an auto-enthusiast, Vixen enjoys riding at high speeds through the crowded streets of Madison City on her motorcycle. Her parents had been killed when she was young. Their bodies had been burned with acid. As similar deaths occurred in Madison City, Vixen began to put the pieces together. Her hatred for ACiD grew. When Torque went to war with them, she promised that no ACiD member would cross her without losing a limb.

Her hatred for ACiD drives her on secret excursions into the city, where she kills any of them she finds. Left behind from her parent's death was a sword, which she still carries.


Vixen's father cared for his family through working his hands to the bone, scratching his way up the social ladder. The more money he made, the less time he spent with his daughter. Yet, he always set aside a day or two to travel with his family every week or so. Vixen was devastated by his death and spent many years finding ways to put things out of her mind.

Maximillian Artivichio

An incredibly wealthy investor of the city, Max was responsible for making the force what it is today. Without Max, there would only be a couple of guys in a beat up car, chasing bad guys with squirt guns. The people of the city love him and there is even speculation of him becoming governor. His campaign stretches throughout Madison City.

The Collector

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At the head of the Madison City Insane Asylum is a strange man that goes by The Collector. The Collector surrounds himself in weaponry; his office filled with blades, guns, whips, anything to bring blood and fear. Fear is a way to control. He uses it to keep his guards in line and his sheep in their fences. Deep down, the Collector is just as crazy as the patients of the asylum. He finds art in chaos and collects examples of it: paintings, music, even people.


Madison City Police Department

Madison City is filled with crime and sin. Several areas are fought over as the gangs tear each other to shreds. Standing between the violence and the citizens is the Madison City Police Department. These men stoically protect the common people. Over the years the tendrils of corruption seeped into the Police Force. ACiD laid out their negotiations and MCPD accepted. Since then they've been secretly giving immunity to drug trafficking and protecting research facilities.

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Harold "Hash" Parker has been part of the force since he finished college. His scores were outstanding, both physically and in the study of law. He had shown promising qualities and many people believed that he would make a great Captain one day.

As a child, Hash lived in the poorest part of town, barely staying fed and living on his own. It wasn't until he found ACiD that his life began to look hopeful. ACiD took him in immediately and put his skills to the test. His agility heightened from stealing purses. He could hide drugs so well, that even the dogs couldn't find them. He could even shoot a can over forty yards away with a pistol without aiming. By sixteen, Hash donned the colors of ACiD and became a warrior for their cause. Together they were slowly burning away the government, one brick at a time.

During a shootout with local police, Hash was shot four times in the back. He blacked out and awoke to his brothers pulling bullets out of his back. When they saw he was awake, they dumped whiskey down his throat. It didn't take much to knock Hash unconscious again. He spent three weeks in bed, only able to move occasionally to keep his muscles from fading. Once he was fully healed, Hash made a decision. He no longer wanted to be a warrior, but wanted to find another way to live his life, one without scars. ACiD protested, but the boss saw Hash's determination and gave him enough money to do whatever he wanted. Hash moved away at eighteen and chose to go to college for criminology.

Four years later, Hash returned to become a cop. The newspapers exploded with his praise. Each day another criminal was put behind bars. However, even after putting a large dent into the crime of the city. Violence continued to worsen and people were still dying daily. This weighed down on Hash for months. One day, an old friend came to him with a proposition that guaranteed more money than he'd ever seen. The scars on his back still pained him, but ACiD wanted their boy back.

Another friend in the force. Louis is blind to the corruption in the police force. While work became a struggle to avoid being shot, Louis was the only one who could joke around and keep up the mood. He was there the night they arrested Bain. Louis couldn't believe his friend would do such a thing. When Bain escaped, Louis vowed to hunt him down personally.


Once a simple online group, ACiD changed its goals when Madison City officials suggested that the internet be watched for suspicious activity. They started by changing numbers in the city?s banks, eventually leading to a temporary market crash that lasted for a few weeks. Taking this to be a success, ACiD grew in followers. They began creating their own image, one that showed what they were a part of, but masked their identity. Neon green bandanas and hooded sweatshirts trimmed in the same color began to appear in propaganda and full-scale, online attacks.

The people of Madison City grew to fear ACiD. Some say that even computer savvy teenagers were migrating to their group. Their reach spread beyond the city, taking over major data banks and scamming anyone they could. Financially, ACiD held more money than they could?ve dreamed of, spreading it across the globe as emergency funds for their members. However, even all this couldn?t change the minds of the populace at large in Madison City.

The people still raved about politicians and invested their money to greedy business owners. Their fear was still apparent, but ignored. Promises of change and better times clouded their senses and the corporate owners remained rich and fat. This angered ACiD. All they had done hadn?t affected anything worthy of their talents. Internet usage was still being debated over as well. Everyday more sites were shut down. Freedoms were being dismantled, while the people looked passed like nothing was happening. One day, ACiD was approached by an anonymous individual online.

This person claimed that all of their actions showed just how weak they were. All they had done was steal from the ignorant and piss off a few big-shots. After this statement, the individual stayed silent and logged off an hour later. ACiD members began to display their anger openly online and in reality. Churches were burned, courthouses were attacked, and a few people were killed. The true goal of internet freedom had been lost. On the verge of disaster, leaders of ACiD gathered to discuss their next move.

They gathered online with members from all over the world, ten in all. Before the meeting could begin, an eleventh user joined the chat. ?I can see your weakness,? said the voice. ?You?re all afraid to see the answer. Safety lies in secrets, but what can smoke do except sting the eyes and tighten the throat. Fire is the answer. Burn the cities. Dismantle the government. Slay the kings. Humans know nothing of freedom. Show them what true freedom is like.? With that, the user disconnected, leaving the ACiD leaders to their thoughts.

Two days later four Prime Ministers were killed. Reports claimed that they had been burned to death with acid. ACiD began their march, invisible to the world no more.

Most ACiD members remain anonymous, however, some members enjoy the title that comes with joining the group and will flaunt this to get what they want. These people are usually quirky in some form or possessing some form of mental twist.

Kogu fancies himself a martial arts master. He claims to be on a journey to Shangri-La, risking his life to come closer to this holy place. He carries prayer beads on his left hand, each bead holding an EMP capable charge that he can toss out like an energy blast. In his right ear is a Bluetooth piece, where he is given his orders. His main weapon is a break staff, a cross between the common Bo staff and nunchaku. Kogu rarely wears a shirt, proudly displaying his physique.

He joined ACiD because a secret member promised a visit to Shangri-La as long as Kogu cooperated. He is not overly mean spirited and will only fight those he is told to. Adversaries are treated with respect, but Kogu does not hold back.

Sam is a brilliant girl whose home has always been the wondrous mansion outside of town. Her father controls the banks in Madison City, leaving her at home with the butler and maids. She spends her time using her computer, surrounded by the castles and dragons in her room. As the years went by, her hunger for knowledge led her down a path of hacking into places she wasn't supposed to be. Eventually, she was sent a message that asked her to join an elite group of hackers. She joined without hesitation.

Wanting to protect his daughter, the main butler was chosen in a very specific manor. Clinton was once a security guard at Madison Prison. He commanded respect wherever he went. Even the most murderous of prisoners shied back in their cage when he walked through. Showing his confidence further, Clinton never carried a gun, or a baton, or any other weapon. He used his fists and overpowered his foes.

For the past couple years, he's been living with the Lemongrass family. Specifically, he?s been catering to the young Samantha. The two became fast friends. In fact, Clinton is the only other person who knows of Sam?s involvement with ACiD. The day she told him of this fact, he vowed that as long as he was breathing, no harm would come to her.

A boy in his late teens, Axl Lawliet has been hacking into major government databases from a young age. His frame is small, almost sickly, for he spends twenty hours out of his day on his computer. No one has seen The Master. He organizes ACiD attacks from his home. Some say he created ACiD, however, Axl?s older brother was the mastermind behind it. Unfortunately, he was killed in a car accident and since then Axl has accepted The Master?s mantel with reverence. All major operations are accepted through the Master. He knows everything and has access to even more.


Torque follows a more traditional state of mind. Their gang is more like a family with the oldest members holding the most political power. Tradition keeps them together. They?re stationed out of an old bar, miles outside of town, called The Mustang Bar. Most of them enjoy tinkering with vehicles and riding bikes on long trips across the country. Torque is also known for producing the best liquor in the state. Runners deliver the liquor to thirsty customers from all walks of life. They weren?t known for much violence until a stranger showed up to the bar.

The man was dressed all in white, with his face covered with a neoprene mask. He talked of Madison City?s glory days, when gas was cheap and the liquor flowed free. He spoke of coming change and preached against inaction. He spilled secrets of the police being corrupted and people hiding in fear. He openly challenged the Torque to change things. The world was too corrupt and needed to be cleansed. The man left without being harmed, but all of the men and women in the bar that day wanted nothing more than to shoot him dead.

Torque members gathered in the bar a week later. They decided that enough was enough. Torque members have been arrested, beaten, and sometimes killed by the police of Madison. The soon-to-be governor would shut down their liquor sales, putting many Torque members into poverty. They ended their meeting with a call to arms.

As the violence increased, Torque members returned with stories of being attacked by people wearing neon green. They came out of the shadows, sporting strange weapons and throwing a burning cloud at their foes. Torque leaders, soon found out about ACiD?s claim to Madison City. Another meeting was held. This time they vowed that all members of ACiD were enemies of their goals and should be killed on site. Thus began the war.

Vixen joined Torque when she heard of their fondness for metal and the roar of an engine. Being an auto-enthusiast, Vixen enjoys riding at high speeds through the crowded streets of Madison City. Her parents had been killed when she was young. Their bodies had been burned with acid. As similar deaths occurred in Madison City, Vixen began to blame ACiD. When Torque went to war with them, she promised that no ACiD member would cross her without losing a limb.

Wrench was found abandoned on the side of the road, desperately holding a wrench. He was raised as a fantastic mechanic, helping out anyone who needed a tune-up. This line of work built his body strong and he enjoyed showing it at fairs and contests. He spoke slowly and carefully, making many believe that he was mentally handicapped. However, he was anything but. Able to hold the recoil with one hand, he carries a double-barreled shotgun wherever he goes.

Linda is the brew master of Torque, whose liquor can bring down the stoutest of men. Her specialty is an apple pie moonshine she calls Axel Grease. Nothing lubes up a person?s limbs than the stuff, setting fires in the pit of their stomach.

She also acts as the main line of communication for Torque. If there's a message that needs sent or information needed, Linda will be more than willing to share, as long as she's serving Torque.

Kishu?s wife of eighty years, Sanka provides soothing words to troubled souls. Being more spiritual than her husband, she often counseled from a more peaceful approach. However, when one of her family is hurt, she doesn?t hesitate to draw her pistol. Little do most know, Sanka is a much better shot that Kishu.

A man of ninety-three, Kishu holds the most political pull in the Torque gang. Even at his age, he loves nothing more than to rev his motorcycle and ride into the setting sun. At his side is an old Tomahawk, one passed down from his grandfather. Many skulls have been split with the weapon. Kishu feared that he would have to shed more blood with the coming war. Everyone must fight to protect their family, even the very young and the very old.


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