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Gameplay Description

Bain's Redemption focuses primarily on action from a 3rd person view. Players will utilize many weapons to demolish foes and bring Bain one step closer to his goals. Abilities and weapons can also be upgraded at various points in the game, giving a layer of strategy and customization. Fans of Double Dragon and Final Fight will find themselves at home.

Two Player Co-Operative play is also being considered.

Rage Concept

Rage is what fuels Bain. His life has been nothing but violence and betrayal. Marrying Melissa and fathering Molly was the closest thing he had to pure happiness. Unfortunately all that is gone, leaving only hatred and blood.

Players use Rage to increase their speed and add more power to their attacks. As Bain is damaged, his rage increases. However, using Rage comes at a price.

Insanity Concept

His life has left him a shattered shell of the man he used to be. Using too much rage affects his sanity and causes the character to break down. The voices of his dead family also haunt him, sparking from painful memories.

Players will have to keep their sanity in check, as when Bain breaks it leaves him incredibly vulnerable.

Gameplay Video with Commentary


File 5e847838b43355c64a418742964d7562.jpg
Madison City Insane Asylum Security Guard

The main form of keeping the piece at the Asylum. Even though the facility has been deemed a "Place of Healing", its hard to hide all the bruises dealt by the nightsticks they carry. These enemies will gang up on any patient deemed unruly. They'll also call in for help when their numbers are thin.

File f3f10047a53ecc5375c8ac977ee0a4c3.jpg
Madison City Insane Asylum Snipers

When a nightstick won't keep a patient in line, guns provide a bit more deterrence. These guys prefer to stay out of the way, using their incredible marksmanship to back up the other guards. It's best to overpower the snipers up close, but even then they're a good shot.

File fd85805878dd38507d42b37c77d117b6.jpg
Madison City Insane Asylum Fat Security Guard

Sheer weight gave these brutes their job. Their job is to keep violent patients in one place, typically under their bodies. It's a shame doughnuts aren't a weapon in Bain's Redemption, cause they look like they can take a hit and keep on rolling.


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