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Welcome to the Wiki for Bain's Redemption. Here we'll post concept art, discuss changes, and actively engage the community. Feel free to leave comments or hang out in the forums.

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Currently, we are enjoying our campaign on Steam Greenlight. We're using this to test out some advertising before our Kickstarter hits at the end of the month. THE GREENLIGHT

In the works is a new enemy type, cinematic scenes, and a survival arena mode for us to test weapons and enemies in. We had a meeting last week to discuss these things and plan to meet again on Saturday 8/16. We also discussed what we may offer as Kickstarter rewards. We're thinking anything from the classic t-shirt to a figurine of our hero.

A new trailer is also in development!

Only 15 days until our Kickstarter. Wish us luck everyone!


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Hola, I'm the lead writer of Bain's Redemption.